10cc - Alive/The Classic Hits Tour - DVD (1993)

10cc - Alive

-I'm Not In Love
-Dreadlock Holiday
-Rubber Bullets
-Silly Love
-The Wall Street Shuffle
-The Things We Do For Love
-I'm Mandy, Fly Me
-Good Morning Judge
-Art For Art's Sake
-Life Is A Minestrone
and many more classic hits!

One of the greatest songwriting bands of our time, with hit songs spanning three decades, 10cc are finally captured live.

This performance from their 1993 sell-out tour, features all their CLASSIC HITS LIVE, including their three UK number 1 singles, 'I'm Not In Love', 'Dreadlock Holiday' and 'Rubber Bullets'.

Other highlights are sensational performances of two evergreen Beatles favourites 'Paperback Writer' and 'Across The Universe'.

If you caught THE CLASSIC HITS TOUR then here's your chance to relieve the experience, and if you missed it, here's a great opportunity to see the legendary 10cc in action!

Darsteller: 10cc
Genre: Rock & Pop
Altersfreigabe: DVD
Laufzeit: ca. 90 Minuten
Produktionsjahr: 1993

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